Starting Your Own Makeup Line

Private Label Cosmetics

Starting your own branded private label cosmetics line can be as simple as adding your logo to our existing mineral makeup line or as unique as developing a signature mineral makeup line with custom packaging and ingredients. From inception to completion, we help with every aspect along the way for your peace of mind and your best guarantee for success.

Signature Line Branding

Customizing colors and products for your clients enables you to offer a cosmetic line unique to their personal style.

Demaur Cosmetics has been private labeling well-known makeup brands for over 20 years. Client confidentiality is very important to our company. Before we even enter a partnership with you, we begin by signing a nondisclosure agreement.

Our design team can assist you in creating your own logo, selecting custom packaging and designing materials to help you brand your own mineral makeup line. Our team of professionals will work within your budget to start your own mineral makeup line that is unique to your business and your clientele.

Private Label

For those of you wanting to establish your name on a smaller scale, labeling or screen-printing your logo on our pre-packaged line is the perfect option!

Labeling is the most cost effective way to start your private label makeup line. It is as simple as creating an adhesive label to apply your logo to your containers. Unlike other companies, we label your products as you place your order so you don't have to mess with this tedious task.

Screening requires a larger initial investment but gives a more polished look to your cosmetic line. Screening requires a minimum of 100 containers per style. Unlike other companies, we fill your containers as you go so you do not have to purchase inventory and have it sitting on the shelf. If your budget isn't limited and you prefer to take advantage of bulk discounts, our team of professionals will guide you to your smartest investment.


To help promote the new mineral makeup line you have started, we have a limited number of in-stock marketing pieces available for you to choose from. Or, you can create your own original marketing materials, unique to your vision and style.


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